Below are just a few examples of my writing, from my own personal DIY write-up, to blog content crafted for non-profit, PAWS New England, to a (very small) sampling of sponsored content articles written for Boston magazine.

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DIY Project: Urban Floral Arrangement

Call me a sensitive flower, but I think weeds have a bad rap. After all, there are worse things than an otherwise well-manicured lawn laced with bright yellow dandelions...right?

To my delight, my recent interest in floral design sent me to Brookline Booksmith where I purchased the book Flower Workshop by expert arranger, Ariella Chezar.

Inspired by the renowned floral designer's advice to forage one's own blooms, fruits, and branches, I decided to practice by harvesting what I could use from my own yard.


Oh My! This Master Bath’s Stonework Dominates In 50 Shades of Grey

Exotic, smoky gems as far as the eye can see. Steamy showers. A labor of love that knows no bounds. The scene we’ve set may sound a little risqué, but no need to blush. After all, we’re just innocently crushing on Boston’s elite master baths like the lavish one created by Everett’s own master marble craftsmen.

But, while fantasies of owning the elegant, slate-hued oasis fashioned out of monochromatic stones (hence the room’s affectionate nickname, “50 Shades of Grey”) we can’t help but wonder how this ornate, silvery bathroom came to be.


Lynn, Lynn, City of…the Best Home Design Resource Ever?!

Old sayings may die hard, but Lynn’s only sin is keeping its gem hidden for so long. And, now that I’m finally privy to Zimman’s—the city’s powerhouse home design destination revving up for their big Fall sale—I’m reeling!

But first, let me repent.


What Does a Spritely Shih-Tzu Have in Common with a Classic Literary Hero?

Not much, usually. But then again, our exceptionally resilient protagonist, Sir Quincy Quixote’s rescue story is anything but usual.

After all, the 1.5 year-old Shih-Tzu shares more than just a portion of his name with one of Western literature’s most beloved characters: Don Quixote. Like the famed hero who embarked on an epic journey through 17th century Spain, this precocious pup endured a remarkable (albeit grueling) expedition that proved to be life-changing for him and his PAWS New England family.


6 Ways Occasions Are More Memorable Aboard Boston’s Seaport Elite

From birthdays and weddings to anniversaries and corporate events, special moments are worthy of unforgettable celebrations. And with exclusive, chic venues in demand it seems more and more parties are setting sail from Boston Harbor on private yachts like the Seaport Elite.