Oh My! This Master Bath’s Stonework Dominates In 50 Shades of Grey

Oh My! This Master Bath’s Stonework Dominates In 50 Shades of Grey


Exotic, smoky gems as far as the eye can see. Steamy showers. A labor of love that knows no bounds. The scene we’ve set may sound a little risqué, but no need to blush. After all, we’re just innocently crushing on Boston’s elite master baths like the lavish one created by Everett’s own master marble craftsmen.

But, while fantasies of owning the elegant, slate-hued oasis fashioned out of monochromatic stones (hence the room’s affectionate nickname, “50 Shades of Grey”) we can’t help but wonder how this ornate, silvery bathroom came to be.

We visited the creators of the stunning sanctuary at Cumar Marble and Granite—New England’s largest supplier of rare stones — to chip away at an answer.

Here’s what we learned from the Italian artisans who proudly carry on their family’s time-honored tradition that dates back seven generations:

1.) Solidifying the design vision is key.

That’s why premium stone suppliers enlist designers who are expert in stone types, uses, and care. And, in this master bathroom’s case there was a whole lot of careful design planning required.

Comprised of 42 pieces of delicate ¾” stone sheets, the wondrous washroom was completed as part of a full home remodel. The massive design challenge required gingerly wallpapering 400 million year old fragile stone without any seams showing – and boy, did this design team work well under that pressure!

2.) Setting your own standards enhances your vision.

For this project the client wanted to make it look like the stone was carved from solid piece, so it was Cumar’s job to make sure there were no seams, regardless of stone limitations. The engineering team worked extensively on ensuring the material was cut in exact locations in order for the pattern to flow seamlessly throughout the room. They executed this by using expert Mitre joint techniques.

3.) Flawlessly installation is key.

Given the grand scale of this attractive master bath, the expert installation team was unable to lift the giant slabs by crane. Instead, each grey stone was crafted inside the space—day-by-day, piece-by-piece.

Thankfully the seriously skilled workers were able to then painstakingly wrap the exotic, fused stone panels into the space after carving out the shower walls, and laying down the prepared Glassos vanity tops. The result? One hundred sexy feet of linear mitre edge and not a seam in sight!

Flirting with a home renovation idea of your own? Contact Cumar Marble and Granite to begin building your custom stone sanctuary and happy ending today.

[Written for Boston magazine]